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Free Printable A5 Undated Month-on-One-Page Calendar Inserts

Free Printable Undated A5 Month on One Page Calendar Inserts

I created some inserts to use with doodling challenges. This month, I’m doing the Oh So Cute! Doodles Challenge. It’s fun to do teeny tiny doodles for the challenge! These could also be used as regular monthlies, of course. I also threw one in my planner’s meal planning section, to […]

Free Printable A5 Dated Month-on-One-Page Calendar Inserts

November and December 2017 Meal Planning Inserts

Updates to my meal planning inserts for November and December. Better late than never? I’m using these differently than I used them the first time around. When I first made these, I used the three columns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This month, I’m just planning dinners – I’m making […]