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2018 Future Planning Insert Free Printable Half Letter from Zealaneous

2018 Future Planning Insert Free Half Letter PrintableI’ve had a busy holiday season, but I want to get this up here for people to use, so I’m just copying my 2018 post – 2019’s insert looks the same with 2019 dates! 

The insert starts with a full year-at-a-glance page. I like to highlight birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.

Year on one page half letter insert
Year on one page half letter insert

Most of the insert is two months per page, covering all of 2018. Much like my Month-on-One-Page meal planning insert, this one has each day on a line, with the weekends shaded.

Two months per page half-letter insert
Two months per page half-letter insert

The last page just contains boxes for all the months of the year. I’m using it to record recurring events, but it could also be used for future future planning, and you could put events for 2020 in those boxes.

I hope you find this printable useful! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Printing Instructions

If your printer does duplex printing, select “print on both sides” and “flip on short edge”. Cut down the middle, punch, and you’re done. (Since I’m in an A5, and I like my pages to snuggle in under my dividers well, I also slice off about 1/8″ off the bottom).

If your printer doesn’t support duplex printing, print the PDF choosing “odd pages” only. Then load your pages back into the printer, select “even pages” and “reverse order”. Here’s a resource that may help from Adobe: Printing doublesided in Adobe Reader or Adobe acrobat


Click below to download the PDF.

2019 Future Planning Half-Letter Insert

Free for personal use only. Do not distribute. © 2018 Jaz DeWills/Zealaneous

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